Styling the midi-skirt

  • Different ways to style the midi-skirt which work every time
  • Dressing your midi-skirts, up or down
  • How to make a midi-skirt fit in with your individual style

Styling 1- Use neutrals

Ever feel like you have endless amounts of plain white T-shirts but feel like they are too boring and plain to wear to something nice? A midi-skirt is the perfect opportunity to make use of your plains!

If you want to add something a bit extra, I sometimes choose a white top with a bit of lace edging, like the one which I am wearing in the image below. If you are going somewhere you’d like to be even more dressy (such as a wedding) you could opt for a fancy blouse. Neutrals are also a great way of letting the skirt do the talking.

Here I’ve dressed a midi-skirt with numerous colours using neutrals. I opted for a white trainer (to make it a bit more casual), and a lacy hemmed white top.
By wearing a white top and boots you can really brighten up a darker skirt. This is a great tip for when you want to wear your darker midi’s during the summer.

Styling 2- Graphic Tee’s

If neutrals aren’t something you usually go for, then you can jazz up your midi-skirt with a rougher edge. A great way to do this is through the use of a good ol’ graphic tee. Graphic tee’s are a great way to insert your own personal style, as well as express your interests and hobbies. I have loads with my fave bands, as well as some with puns on.

I paired this floral midi from Zara with my Elton John graphic tee. I also layered some necklaces. I feel this gives it a more grunge look and is a nice contrast from the girly floral.

Styling 3 – Add a jacket

Adding different jackets to an outfit you wear often can give it a whole new look and lease of life.

You can never go wrong with a classic blue denim jacket
Choosing a bright jacket brightens up the entire outfit. This is great for when the seasons change.

Styling 4 – Pick out a colour

If you own a midi skirt with loads of colours throughout, then pick out one of those colours as a top and so on…

This is also a fab way of getting a tonne of use out of the skirt as you can create a bunch of new outfits just through picking out the different colours.

With the Zara skirt below, it has a bunch of colours. This can be super overwhelming when you have no clue how to style it. But, you can just pick out a single colour, such as the peach or teal green and style your look around that.

Here I decided to pick out the mustard yellow colour. If you wanted a more tone down like you could instead pick out the black colour and then just accessorise using a colourful bag…

Styling 5 – Jazz up a plain midi-skirt using colourful accessories

Adding a colourful bag or pair of shoes is an easy way to add a pop of colour to a monochrome look. Also if colour is something that scares you, keeping your outfit neutral and adding some colourful accessories is a great way to introduce colour into your wardrobe.

It’s easy to dress up a plain back midi using colourful boots and a matching handbag